Bearing is an integral part of any machines, Are you aware of what it actually does?

Any machine which includes rotating parts will surely have bearings installed in it.

There are a lot of Bearing Applications in our day to day applications most basic like bearings for skateboard, Fidget Spiner and more complex like in Pumps, Engines, Gearbox etc.

They are utilized in a wide range of machines and most often they work in the shadow, therefore people, not from machine background will not even realize its importance.

In short, any machine cannot survive without bearings. 

In this First Article of Bearings, We will discuss most rudimentary and basics fundamentals of Bearings so as to create a base for further in-depth articles

1.  Bearing's Role and Importance

a) Support the load: Bearing support the shaft load and maintain it in the right position. When a shaft rotates it generates a large amount of force that can shift the shaft from its position and this shifting (even slight) can affect and even damage the machine.

To prevent this to happen, bearings are employed to hold the shaft in its position and also it prevents the part that supports rotation from damage.

b) Reduce Friction: The primary and most important function of a bearing is to reduce the friction between the surface which are in contact with each other. 

Friction results in Power loss and Wear and Tear of the Surfaces which are in contact with each other. Friction is considered evil to any machine as friction existence for a long time can lead to permanent damage to the machine components.

Without Bearings there will be Sliding friction ( SURFACE CONTACT) which results in a lot of wear and tear and power loss, on the other side -

With bearings, there is Rolling Friction ( LINE OR POINT CONTACT) which is of very low value as compared with sliding friction.

c) Reduce Power: Friction leads to loss of power. To operate a machine which is having some considerable amount of friction will require excess power to overcome the friction loss, therefore, Total Power Requirement will increase leads to an increase in Operating cost of a machine 


    Broadly Bearings are divided into below 4 categories:

Rolling contact – load supported by balls or rollers.
Hydrostatic – load supported by high-pressure fluid.
Hydrodynamic – load supported by a lubricant film.
Magnetic – load supported by magnetic fields.


3. Major Bearing Manufacturers

  • NSK(Japan)
  • Schaeffler(Germany)
  • SKF Bearings (Sweden)
  • Timken (USA)

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